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First Party Lead Generation Template a la outboundIQ

As the third party lead generation industry struggles with new regulations and restrictions, the movement towards more first party lead generation continues to grow. At outboundIQ, we have been meeting more and more of these first party companies, and they're all working hard to learn the basics of web forms, publisher management, compliance, and budgets. For those customers, and for anyone out there in a similar boat looking for some guidance, this article is for you... :-)

Below we will outline a lead flow process that we are currently recommending for first party lead generators, and here ( you can find an online example that shows you, visually, what this might look like in real life...

The process flow is, from a high level, as follows:

  1. Consumer arrives at your website or landing page

  2. Consumer completes standard lead capture form and TCPA consent (including SMS)

  3. An additional step is added that requires SMS verification on the phone number entered

  4. Once the number has been SMS verified, a secondary SMS is sent confirming receipt, and preparing the consumer for the ensuing phone call

  5. Phone call is placed to the consumer, in line with the messaging in the follow up SMS

Benefits of this process are as follows:

  1. Additional TCPA protection as a second step indicating intent is now required

  2. Contact rates are improved as you are only now calling on verified consumer phone numbers

  3. Conversion rates are improved as your consumers have willingly gone through a second step and action before being connected to your contact center

  4. Contact rates are improved as the consumer is warned who is calling, and from what outbound ANI/DID the call will be coming from BUT, here's the kicker...

  5. Contact rates are DRASTICALLY improved, as because of the up front SMS verification process, the consumer is LOOKING AT THEIR PHONE WHEN YOU CALL!!!

So often, web forms are completed, but the consumer's phone is in their pocket, their purse, the other room, the when you try and call, there is simply no one there to see it or answer it.

But if you follow the process above, you encourage the consumer to get their phone, complete the verification, and so they are actively engaged with their device when your phone call comes in...

A win/win for everyone involved... :-)

Thanks, and enjoy!



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